we are history that is still being written.
“It was the angels, it was the heavens, the stars, the gods, it was everything for Chelsea. This is more than football, this is spirit. Never giving in, fighting to the very end. It was spirit and hope that lifted them right the way through the Champions League to the final for Chelsea. It was written in the stars. This club shows exactly what passion is in football." —
Chelsea FC
This club becomes you. Once you've played for it, you're always welcomed back for the rest of your life, so you become Chelsea and it becomes you.
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Chelsea FC / color palette [inspo: x]

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People: Stop laughing, this is a serious match.

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Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly waiting backstage at the RKO Pantages Theatre, during the 28th Annual Academy Awards, 1956.
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jennifer lawrence is the living embodiment of that episode where spongebob rips his pants and he keeps doing it for attention

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I am a blue heart, loyal and true

I’m proud to wear the yellow white and blue

Strong as a rock with standards high!

I follow Chelsea till the day I die

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we are all rui

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I can’t believe I shed tears for these flops

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How to lose a game to the bottom side club of the league, throw away a unbeaten Mourinho home record and throw away any chance of winning the league: a book by Chelsea fc

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ah what a lovely day for chelsea to throw away the league

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little juan mata

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A Mean Girls Reference: football

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